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It is counter-cultural for women in this society to listen to themselves and give themselves what they need. Society encourages us to work harder, give more and push through, which means we ignore the signals that our body is giving us to rest, relax or rejuvenate. The demands on us and the multitude of responsibilities and roles we take on can be exhausting. Our adrenal glands pump out cortisol and adrenaline, along with other stress hormones, in response to these demands and external stressors. 

Living in a state of overwhelm or chronic stress, where the demands on us outweigh our capacity to deal with them, can lead to feelings of burnout. Symptoms of burnout include: an inability to stop or rest, insomnia, feelings of depression or low mood, anxiety, 'frayed nerves', becoming tearful or angry when being asked to do something, chronic exhaustion and lack of energy, 'brain fog' or the loss of ability to think clearly, a loss of purpose or meaning in your life. Living in this state long enough can lead to a depletion of cortisol, or adrenal fatigue, where our ability to handle stress is severely compromised. This is a state that takes much time, patience and support to recover from. Heeding the early warning signs of burnout is crucial to avoid this state of adrenal fatigue. 

As women in our culture it is very common to experience burnout in some form. As well as the challenges that burnout can pose, it also offers an opportunity to reassess a way of being that isn't working and to do something different. 

I can support you in establishing a way of being that supports you to look after yourself as well as everybody else. 


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